Endorsed Candidates

Tom Cochran 
67th District House Seat    

I served for more than 27 years with the Lansing Fire Department. After starting as a fire fighter/paramedic, I worked my way up to becoming Fire Chief, a position I held until I retired. Between 2002 and 2012, I also served on the Mason School Board. That experience, in addition to having a wife and a son in the education field, highlights the challenges and opportunities we face in terms of providing Michigan students with the best education possible.
I am seeking re-election to continue to be a voice for the 67th District and families across the state. Growing up in Lansing, I had abundant opportunities. I fear that for too many of our young people, debt and an uncertain job market can keep them from reaching their full potential. We as a state only stand to benefit from making opportunities more widely available for young people as well as more experienced individuals seeking to branch out and explore a different line of work. 

Andy Schor 
68th District House Seat                   

State Representative Andy Schor is currently serving his first term representing residents of the 68th House District, which includes most of the City of Lansing and all of Lansing Township. Andy serves on three House Committees: Ethics and Elections, Michigan Competitiveness, and Regulatory Reform. He is an Assistant Floor Leader and is Chair of the Capitol Caucus-- a group of mid-Michigan legislators who partner to advocate for the legislative and economic development issues affecting the region.  Andy was also named to the House Democrats' Education Task Force and the House Education's Common Core Subcommittee. He proposed legislation dealing with education issues, gun control, talent retention and attraction, student debt, elections, economic development, charitable gaming, and health care. Andy was also the lead Democrat on the legislation to provide health care to 400,000 Michigan residents (Medicaid Expansion through the new Healthy Michigan program). He also passed several amendments, including one to save the City of Lansing almost a million dollars.

Andy's involvement in organizations committed to enriching and growing the Lansing area has been extensive.  He is a founding member of the Ingham County Land Bank and has served as a Board Member of the Tri-County Office on Aging and the South Lansing Community Development Association. Through his involvement with the Smartzone Board, he has helped create opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses, spurring job growth in the region.  Andy has volunteered time with the Sycamore Park Neighborhood Watch and was an active participant in the Forest View, Old Everett, and Clifford Park Neighborhood Associations during his time as an Ingham County Commissioner.  Andy currently serves as a member of the Library of Michigan’s Board, is active with the Greater Lansing Food Bank’s Annual Empty Plate Dinner planning committee, and serves as an Honorary Co-Chair for Lansing’s Juneteenth Celebration.  

Sam Singh 
69th District House Seat                   

Tom Barrett 
71st District House Seat                   

I have been in the Army for the last 14 years, having been deployed several times. I have served in Iraq, Kuwait, Guantanamo Bay, and South Korea. I still serve part time in the Army as a pilot at the Grand Ledge Aviation unit. I currently fly our new Lakota helicopter that we received last year.
Full time, I work as an Analyst in the State Treasurer's office and have served on the Board of the Michigan Land Bank where I worked to address the blight issues and vacant, abandoned property, particularly in Detroit. I am currently on a leave of absence from my position with the State of Michigan while I campaign for office. 

I live in Potterville with my wife, Ashley, and our 15 month old son, Patrick. We are expecting our second child in August. 

I am proud and thankful for the support of REALTORS® and those in the GLAR community.

Curtis Hertel Jr. 
23rd District Senate Seat                   

Curtis Hertel Jr. has served as Ingham County Register of Deeds since 2009, working hard to inform the public about the dangers of property and mortgage fraud.  In 2011, when banks began to conduct foreclosure fraud, he began his fight on behalf of Ingham County residents illegally forced out of their homes.  Curtis has a number of lawsuits pending against banks, foreclosure firms & attorneys to bring this issue further into the light.  He continues to  battle the foreclosure crisis by educating residents about their options, and the types of government help available to them.
He was chosen to become vice-president of the Michigan Association of Registers of Deeds in 2011, and was re-elected to a second term as Ingham County’s Register of Deeds in 2012.  He has also served on the Ingham County Health Plan Board and co-chaired the Ingham County Census Board.  Previously, he served as an Ingham County Commissioner from 2001-2008.  Curtis has also previously served as Constituent Relations Director for the House Democratic Caucus, and as legislative liaison for the Department of Community Health.  Curtis Hertel Jr. is a graduate of Michigan State University’s James Madison College.  He lives in Meridian Township with his wife, Elizabeth, and has 4 children.

Rick Jones
24th District Senate Seat                   

Rick Jones worked for over 30 years with the Eaton County Sheriff's Department. Rick started as a deputy and worked his way up through the ranks as Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain before being elected Sheriff in 2000.  Rick then served three terms as a State Representative before being elected Senator for the 24th District.
Rick currently serves on the statewide board for the Michigan Special Olympics.  He has volunteered as a chaperon/coach for the summer games and done the polar plunge 4 times to raise money for the Special Olympics. Rick currently serves on the board of the Eaton Community Hospice/ Palliative Care. He volunteers as a patient care provider when needed.  Rick served on the board of the Durand Union Station railroad museum.  Rick delivered Meals-On-Wheels for 10 years.  He has donated over 21 gallons to the Red Cross.  He was a construction volunteer for community playgrounds and is a participant in Crop Walk and Walk for Warmth.  Rick is a member of Rotary Club, the American Legion S.A.L., the Eagles Club, and the Eaton County Farm Bureau.


Rick received his Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University.  He also has received Executive Leadership Training from Central Michigan University, The FBI, the U.S. Department of Treasury and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Tom Leonard
93rd District House Seat                   

Tom was first elected to serve the citizens of the 93rd District in the Michigan House of Representatives in 2012. During his first term in office, he has been elected to the House Leadership team as Majority Caucus Vice-Chair. Tom is the ranking Vice-Chair of the Insurance committee, and also serves on the Commerce, Judiciary, Oversight and Michigan Competitiveness committees.
In September of 2013, Tom was honored to be selected as one of the American Conservative Union’s (ACU) “10 under 40” rising conservative leaders from across the country. 

Since taking office, Tom has been a strong advocate for public safety and victims’ rights; particularly reforming laws to protect the elderly. The first bill he introduced increased penalties against those that embezzle funds from vulnerable adults. The legislation passed the legislature and Governor Snyder signed it into law in May 2013. Other legislation Tom has sponsored includes protections for victims’ families entitled to restitution, as well as children who are preyed upon by sexual predators.

Prior to elected office, Tom served as an Assistant Attorney General, and as a prosecutor for Genesee County, where he prosecuted some of Michigan’s most dangerous criminals while assigned to the Special Crimes Division in Flint.

Tom received his Juris Doctorate from Michigan State University College of Law.